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DOC Interaction

Change for the Better!

Oregon CURE recently met with Colette Peters, the Director of the Oregon DOC and Mike Gower, Assistant Director / Operations.  The DOC is in the process of changing the terminology used to describe our loved ones in prison.  For years, people in prison have been labeled “inmate” which is not a description that is used by Oregon CURE.  When board members first attended the Intake Orientation co-facilitated by Oregon CURE and DOC Intake, we were pleased to hear that the terminology was “our loved ones in prison”.  This description more accurately reflects our feelings of our family members and friends behind bars.  They are our loved ones.
Director Peters and Assistant Director Gower advised that there will be a shift to use the phrase “adult in custody” instead of inmate!  WOW.  We know it will take time for this to trickle down to corrections officers at the prison level – and we understand there are volumes of Administrative Rules and Oregon Revised Statutes that will need to be addressed.
We see this as a positive change and we encourage you to no longer label your loved one as an “inmate” but instead use either:  our loved one in prison or adult in custody.


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