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November Washington Country Release Orientation Success Expected to Continue with December Intake Orientation Special Guest – Frank Thompson

Sometimes, a plan comes together!  Gretchen V, OR Cure President and Beaverton Support Group Facilitator, contacted several people to attend the Washington County Release Orientation – and they all attended the meeting and participated.  Presenters included 2 PO’s from Washington County, 4 people from DOC, (2 at the administrative level, 2 release managers), 2 mentors from Bridges to Change, and 2 formerly incarcerated people.  The meeting was rather free-flowing, but packed with information.

The December support group meeting and Intake Orientation will also feature a special guest speaker.  This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 4, in Meeting Room A at the Beaverton City Library.  5:30 to 7:00 pm will be the Intake Orientation.   An invitation has been extended to Frank Thompson, recently retired from DOC and his last position was superintendent of SCI.  A few of the Oregon CURE Board members met him at a Salem Prison Advisory Council a few years ago and he seemed genuinely concerned about the welfare of our loved ones.  Additionally, Frank Thompson is currently volunteering for Oregonians Against the Death Penalty.

In preparation for the event, Frank asked what our members might like to know – so if you would be so kind as to provide CURE with some of your questions / concerns, we will forward them on to him so he will have time to prepare.  You are welcome to post these as comments to this post or send them directly to

With all of these visitors, we fear that support group members might be feeling that the support segment of recent meetings is getting a little bit short-changed, but one of Oregon CURE’s goals is to provide information and education.  We hope that the visitors in November provided you with valuable information you might not have received otherwise.

Lastly, we’d like to highlight some positive comments received from Beaverton Support Group members this month.  Feedback is essential to our mission here at Oregon Cure and we appreciate it:

“Sorry I missed the last meeting it sounded like a really good one. I don’t manage to attend very often, but I did want you to know that I think you are doing a spectacular job and that your efforts on behalf of us and our loved ones are truly appreciated.” – Ms. JP

“I just thought I’d send kudos your way on getting all these speakers and information to this last meeting. There were several people asking very good/concerned questions & I think all were answered well.     I think you did a wonderful job, as always, in directing/coordinating the meeting.  Very nice job.    Please keep up the excellent work.” – Mr. JJ


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