The mission of OREGON CURE is to reduce crime by advocating for effective criminal justice policies, procedures and programs.
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As found in The Appeal The reform would be a historic step for national efforts to end felony disenfranchisement. Prison is not about “the loss of citizenship,” said one incarcerated advocate. Read more from our series on disenfranchisement in states. Lawmakers in Oregon introduced legislation this month that would enable people in prison to vote. The proposed … Continue reading

Oregonians Against Slavery & Involuntary Servitude Oregonians Against Slavery & Involuntary ServitudeOregonians Against Slavery and Involuntary Servitude (OASIS) is committed to changing the language of the Oregon Constitution to formally ban slavery and involuntary servitude of incarcerated


Book:  “As I Hear the Rain (PEN America Prison Writing Awards Anthology)”  2019 Award Winners. Paperback.  Available on

Covid-19, Quarantines, and Incarceration

Covid-19, Quarantines, and Incarceration: Exploring the Resiliency of Individuals and Families Who Have Experienced Incarceration Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Lazzari. I am a professor of Criminology and Sociology at Heidelberg University.  I am a part of a research team that is examining the resiliency of individuals who have experienced incarceration (either personally or … Continue reading

New Support Group in NE Portland

We are starting a new support group in NE Portland. Ray Fox will facilitate. Contact him by text at 503 421-0269 if you are interested in joining this group. You may contact Ray by email also,

A historic victory for college in prison

VERA Institute of Justice We have some big news. On Monday night, Congress voted to lift the 26 year-old ban on Pell Grants for people in prison. This means that incarcerated people will once again be able to access federal Pell Grants to pay for college courses. This is a historic victory — for incarcerated students and the … Continue reading

“Time”: Connecting with Loved Ones During Incarceration

The Marshall Project News Inside

A letter to Charlie Sullivan President of International CURE Hello Charlie, As usual, I hope you are well.  Because of changes as a result of COVID, many states have closed their libraries.  This means some incarcerated people no longer have access to News Inside.   Can you remind them through your Newsletter to write me … Continue reading

Prisons and jails have become a ‘public health threat’ during the pandemic, advocates say

By Cid Standifer and Frances Stead Sellers writing in The Washington Post November 11, 2020 at 4:05 p.m. PST Nobody knows how the ­novel coronavirus sneaked through the barbed wire and imposing gates of Ohio’s Pickaway Correctional Institution, where visitors and volunteers were barred from entering in March. But the first case showed up April 4. Follow … Continue reading

As a child, did you have a parent incarcerated? If so, would you participate in a study?

Dear friends, statistics show that today more than 5 million children (7 percent of all U.S. children) have had a parent incarcerated at some point in their lives as children. If you are one of these, consider participating in this most important study. Also, please forward it to others who have had this experience and might … Continue reading