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 Effective March 2, OSCI visiting room days will be changing to better serve our inmates and their visitors. New visiting days for OSCI will be Saturday through Wednesday; closed Thursday and Friday. Visiting hours will be the same.

*This past Saturday, visiting was cancelled at South Fork Forest Camp because of inclement weather.  The DOC did not put out the notice until mid-day.  Just a reminder that, when you see any weather warnings for the area of Oregon where you plan to visit, be sure to call ahead to the institution and make sure there is visiting before you set out on your journey.


1)  As many of you may recall, the Federal Communications Commission had issued restrictions on the amount of money that communications companies which contract with prisons/jails can charge for phone calls.  They were beginning to work on restrictions for video transmissions also when a company took them to Court.  The FCC was defending those restrictions in Court until after the new president took office.  He appointed a new FCC Commissioner and, according to the following article, that Commissioner has told the Court that the FCC will no longer defend the lower rate restrictions.  Very disappointing Read about it here:

2)  You Tube Video –  In Their Words, 4 Young People Share Experiences with having an Incarcerated Parent.

3)  New book out about federal prison.  The New Federal Prison Handbook by Christopher Zoukis  (a current federal inmate).  The endorsements are by some folks very knowledgeable about the federal prison system.

4)  There is a new Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Thomas Kane (arrived before the presidents changed).  Here is an article about him.  No clue yet about who Trump will appoint to be the Director.

5)  Wall Street Journal article:   A Better Approach to Violent Crime. 

Don’t forget to stay in touch with your state legislators about issues of importance to you.  Here’s the link to find out who represents you and where to email them:

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