The mission of OREGON CURE is to reduce crime by advocating for effective criminal justice policies, procedures and programs.
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Youth Criminal Justice Advocacy

Here is a great short video which answers the question, “What is the Right Way for Youth to Navigate the Criminal Justice System” using the expertise of Federal Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman, Attorney Matt Stevens, Professor Aliza Kaplan, and Director of Policy at the Oregon Justice Resource Center nonprofit Trevor Walraven.


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES (UCLA) STUDY This study will investigate the extent to which people are able to get adequate sleep while in prison, and the implications of lack of sleep/chronic sleep deprivation on individual physical, psychological and emotional health and on institutional safety and stability. It will also investigate the obstacles to adequate … Continue reading

There is nothing “just” about our “criminal justice system.”

There is nothing “just” about our “criminal justice system.” Article by the Vera Institute of Justice So, we at Vera refuse to call it that. Instead, we call it the “criminal legal system.”  Used to describe policing, prosecution, courts, and corrections in the United States, the criminal legal system’s racially biased policing and draconian punishment … Continue reading

The DC Council unanimously passed the Revised Criminal Code of 2022 (RCCA)

November 16, 2022 the District of Columbia made history.  The DC Council unanimously passed the Revised Criminal Code of 2022 (RCCA), a sweeping modernization of the District’s criminal laws. The RCCA positions the District as a national leader in sentencing reform and models how legislatures can reduce extreme sentences.  The RCCA’s reforms include:  People are … Continue reading

ICSolutions Phone Validation Steps, More Info….

Validating your phone with ICSolutions additional info

WHAT WE LEARNED  ABOUT THE ICSOLUTIONS PHONE REGISTRATION? 1. Registration doesn’t mean Validation.  Your phone number needs to be VALIDATED with ICSolutions for you to receive phone calls from someone in an Oregon state prison. 2. The number you can call for assistance if you are having trouble with the online verification process is 888.506.8407.  … Continue reading

Issues registering for phone system with Oregon DOC

Hello Oregon CURE members, If you are interested in learning and asking questions of DOC about ICSolutions new phone registration system, Please use the link below to attend this meeting at 7PM November 2nd via Teams. Microsoft Teams meeting The link is here: Join on your computer, mobile app or room device Click here to join the … Continue reading

Oregon Justice Resource Center Ask

Let’s do something about the incredibly high cost of communicating. We are looking for individuals who have incarcerated loved one’s in Oregon that are willing to share their experiences around the cost associated with staying in contact. Of primary interest is the cost of phone calls, however, we are additionally interested in video visits as … Continue reading

Oregonians United To End Slavery

Volunteer with Oregonians United To End Slavery Every conversation we have with voters brings us one step closer to removing slavery from our state constitution. You can help us win! Canvassing: Connect with the voters in your neighborhood. You will be given the tools to connect with the most critical voters in your own neighborhood. … Continue reading

The Lauren Chronicles

How’s THAT working? Why do we put people in prison? We are punishing them for doing something bad. We are making our communities safer. (Let’s forget the other reason that is sometimes stated—to reform and rehabilitate them—because virtually no one is pretending that this is a priority in the U.S*.) So: How’s that working? Well, … Continue reading