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Next Steps for National Day of Action

Hello all –

Please see a call summary below. For obvious reasons we will next talk on September 29th at 3:15pm eastern. Details will be shared closer to the date.
Currently, over 300 people are registered for the National Day of Action. You can register here if you haven’t done so.
How you can help us this week!
  • Asking you to submit a letter to the editor: LTE to get placed this week; see here. Let me know if you need help submitting to your newspaper.
  • Help spread the word! Share sample social media posts here and images here to share

Let me know if you have questions or feedback.




State Parole Reform Strategy Call

September 14, 2020

State organizers and policy advocates met by conference call to discuss reform efforts addressing extreme sentencing and long-term sentences. Callers from several states including Alabama, California, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York. Previous calls included organizers and/or policy advocates from Michigan, Ohio, and Washington, and other states.

The call focused on planning for the September Actions marking the 49th anniversary of the Attica Uprising to demand prison releases amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Callers focused on:

·       Update on state events: see overview here and calendar here

–          Callers heard from organizers in California and New York who had virtual events and rallies earlier this month.

–          If you have changes or new events to share please email Nicole at


·       Publicity for state events (weekly emails; toolkit)

–        TSP sending announcements for weekly activities this week and on Sunday

–        LTE we ask state advocates to work to get placed this week; see here

–        Social media posts here and images here to share

·       Update on national event including speakers. Run through(s) scheduled for Thursday, September 17th.

·               Call for action brainstorm 

–        CARES Act

–        Highlight state activity including state legislative reforms to direct audience members to

–        CLEMENCY Now – actions targeted to governors and connecting to established infrastructure with the National Council, ACLU Redemption Project, and/or develop other material to connect audience members to

We are scheduled for the national action on September 21st at 3pm eastern (register here). We will debrief national action and state actions on Monday, September 29th. Details about that video call will be shared closer to the date.

Nicole D. Porter

Director of Advocacy

The Sentencing Project

Campaign to End Life Imprisonment


1705 DeSales St NW, 8th Floor

Washington, DC 20036

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The mission of OREGON CURE is to reduce crime by advocating for effective criminal justice policies, procedures and programs.


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