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A letter to Charlie Sullivan President of International CURE

Hello Charlie,

As usual, I hope you are well.  Because of changes as a result of COVID, many states have closed their libraries.  This means some incarcerated people no longer have access to News Inside.  

Can you remind them through your Newsletter to write me or have their families email me for free subscriptions? My information is below as well as a link to the latest issue, released today. Please share the latter within your e-blast network.


Lawrence Bartley

The Marshall Project

156 West 56 Street, Suite 701

New York, NY 10019


Latest Issue Introduction:

Many thanks,


Lawrence Bartley 

Director of News Inside, The Marshall Project

Tel: 212-803-5267


Twitter: @lawbartley

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The mission of OREGON CURE is to reduce crime by advocating for effective criminal justice policies, procedures and programs.


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