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Covid-19, Quarantines, and Incarceration

Covid-19, Quarantines, and Incarceration: Exploring the Resiliency of Individuals and Families Who Have Experienced Incarceration

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Lazzari. I am a professor of Criminology and Sociology at Heidelberg University.  I am a part of a research team that is examining the resiliency of individuals who have experienced incarceration (either personally or the incarceration of a loved one/friend), and how they are handling the challenges of connecting with loved ones, due to Covid-19. Everyone is welcome to participate, including people who have not experienced incarceration, as long as you are at least 18 years old.

This study has been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board at Heidelberg University (#HU2712-292020), and was also signed off on by the Office of Research Compliance at the University of Oregon. Our research team is composed of myself, a UO graduate student (who was previously incarcerated), and multiple undergrad students from Heidelberg University.

If you have any concerns about the research, you can contact the Chair of the IRB, whose contact information is included in the Consent form, at the start of the survey. Please click the link below to view the consent form and participate in the study. Thank you for your time.

We want to hear from:

  1. People who have been incarcerated
  2. People who have experienced the incarceration of a close friend or family member
  3. Individuals who have not been directly impacted the incarceration of a loved and haven’t experienced incarceration. This would include people who currently work/have worked in Corrections, but haven’t experienced the incarceration of a close friend or family member.

We appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your experiences.

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