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Do you know a youth with a currently or formerly incarcerated parent who could use support?

The Transformative Justice Initiative at Willamette University is excited to announce the launch of the Youth with Incarcerated Parents Project (YIPP)!  YIPP supports “youth-led organizing” among Oregon youth ages 12-24 who have experienced parental incarceration.  The foundation of youth-led organizing is the establishment of affinity groups in which youth participants share experiences and find moral support in a non-judgemental space.  Through regular meetings, workshops, and events, participants share their stories, identify patterns in their experiences, learn about the systems that impact them, develop leadership skills, and launch policy campaigns addressing the challenges they have faced. The youth-led organizing strategy was developed by organizations working with foster youth and has been found to increase well-being, personal empowerment, and academic success.  If you would like more information or know of a youth who might be interested in participating, please contact Nicole Lindahl-Ruiz, YIPP Director, at

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