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Inspector General Hot Line

The prison experience can be traumatic and frightening.  If your loved one is being extorted or is fearful for their safety, you may want to discuss contacting the Inspector General’s hot line.  Although we may have concerns that there will be recriminations or possibly a negative outcome, you may want to weigh the issue and determine if it would help the situation.  You can call anonymously, however, if you want to be kept in the loop, you will need to leave your contact information on the voice mail.  The IG’s office checks the voice mail (877) 831-0389 daily, but it may take time to resolve the issue.
The Inspector General’s hot line may be used to report:  abuse, extortion, fraud, prisoner prohibited conduct, staff misconduct or waste.  You must make the best decision you can, but, please keep in mind that the situation may not change unless you bring the circumstances to the DOC’s attention.  Think it over, and talk it over with your loved one and if you do contact the IG’s office, please explain the situation with as much detail as you can.  If you want to maintain your and your loved one’s anonymity, you can do that.


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