From Cheryl: I’m a member-at-large on the Oregon CURE Board. Before retiring on May 1, 2013, I worked as a medical technologist at a medical center. Retirement for me was going to mean uninterrupted time for lots of family projects. Instead, in mid-June, my world went upside down and black. My son had been arrested. It was all so frightening and unintelligible. Thank goodness for the Oregon CURE support group that guided us through that time. That support group is my home base. But eventually, I decided I could do more to help beyond just my group. There were officers on the Board who were making important connections with DOC. We need those connections. As one board officer would say, “If we’re at the table, then we’re not on the table.” Since I have no aptitude for making connections, I saw that I could help by taking on tasks that would then give them more time for outreach, especially to DOC. I’ve helped with researching topics, writing letters, consolidating our responses to DOC’s rule changes, and occasionally filling in as Oregon CURE’s rep at other groups’ meetings. My fervent wish is to set up work groups to brainstorm actions on topics to help our loved ones. Dear to my heart are medical care and wildly fantastic visits that include making home cooked meals. OK, that last one is a little out there, but with the coming of the Oregon Way, who knows. With more of us to work together, we can make that, and so much more, happen! It’s a great feeling when I hear a report that means input from CURE has made a difference

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