My name is Karen and I first became involved with Oregon CURE in 2000 after my only two children were arrested and incarcerated. I learned about, and began working on, the repeal of Measure 11, and thus became involved with multiple like-minded organizations—Oregon CURE being one of them. I came and went in my involvement with Oregon CURE over the years as my time allowed and in 2019 became the President. I find as a nation we have seen some much-needed changes in criminal justice reform in the last couple of years and I look forward to seeing what the new year brings for the nation and for Oregon as we move toward implementing some of the Norway teachings on criminal justice and grow the “Oregonway”. There is much work to be done and we appreciate the support of all who contribute to that work. Personally, I appreciate our board of directors, those who contribute information for our newsletter, donors, as well as volunteers. We couldn’t continue our mission without you. Thank you!

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