I am Paul. My wife and I joined an Oregon CURE support group in 2013. We were looking to learn the ins and outs of what happens when someone has been arrested and is headed to prison. It was and is a great place to share and get questions answered, as well as answer questions for others that are going through a new chapter in their life’s journey. In 2014, we joined the Oregon CURE board of directors. There was a need for more volunteers to share the tasks that the board president in particular was handling. Some years before, I had been Treasurer for a private school affiliated with our church. With that background I offered to take on the treasurer’s job. I also offered to maintain the list of names that are on the Oregon CURE mailing list. My engineering background working with numbers and records helped make this a fit. Since the beginning as a board member, I have helped with keeping the website going, monitoring the email accounts and have answered regular mail from individuals looking for help. When needed, I have returned phone calls from individuals seeking information, help or just needing to have someone listen to them. All these things, while challenging, are rewarding when someone says thanks for the help. I have learned a lot about the legal justice system through all this and am better off for that knowledge. I encourage anyone to get involved at whatever level works for them and fits their talents. Seems there are always more items to tackle in support of those serving time on both sides of the bars.

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