Scott Spencer-Wolff, Ph.D., I joined the CURE Board this past summer and am excited about serving as Social Media Manager. I retired from Apple in 2019, but my most important credential is having spent 15 years incarcerated in Florida, Washington and Oregon. I have the unique position of having seen the inside as an Adult in Custody, while having been actively involved in various Community Policing efforts (and a stint as the Chair of Portland Police’s Citizens Budget Review Committee under Chief Charles Moose). Since 2014, when I finished my Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology, I have been a volunteer at Oregon State Penitentiary, working with the Lifers’ Unlimited Club, 7th Step and pitching in where needed since the Pandemic. I am currently the president of the Oregon Phoenix Foundation. My passion is about quality of life inside, rather than so much about what happens post-prison.

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