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Contribute to Oregon CURE

Want to Support OR CURE? Here’s an EASY way to give…

The board of directors of Oregon CURE understand that financially contributing to our cause is not always an easy thing and that most members would like to give more than their budgets allow.  It is with this thought in mind that we have enrolled in Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards program.  This way, you can give to Oregon CURE while you are doing what you have to do – buying your everyday items like Milk, Bread, Socks etc.

To become a contributor, simply link your Fred Meyer rewards card to Oregon CURE and quarterly Fred Meyer makes a donation to CURE based upon our enrolled members’ spending.  You will still accumulate your own Fred Meyer rewards and benefits already afforded to you by Fred Meyer as an individual.  This simply expands your rewards to help us out too!  And what could be better than that?

  1. To enroll, go to the Fred Meyer Community Rewards website:
  2. Under “Are you a Fred Meyer Customer?”, click the big purple button to Link Your Rewards Card Now.
  3. Login to your Account (if you haven’t registered your account, you will need Sign Up to do this step).
  4. Search for Oregon CURE or enter our non-profit number BN477.

Thank you in advance!


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