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The holiday season is before us

The holiday season is before us; and for those of us who have a loved one in prison or jail, it’s a difficult time of year for all. There is always that special someone who is missing from our festivities on the outside; whether it be a family dinner, a school program or assisting with holiday preparations such as putting lights up and hauling ornaments and decorations down from the attic; or up from the basement!

If your loved one is in driving distance, you are fortunate indeed; for those of us who make the trek to WCCF, SRCI, TRCI or EOCI; winter driving conditions may force us to forgo our visits till the weather in the mountain ranges is more conducive to a safer and less stressful drive.

This may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to give the video phone calls a try. It is not an intuitive process and you may need to call TelMate for assistance. But – eventually – the kinks will be ironed out!

Please remember your loved ones during this time and stay in contact with them, letters and cards are precious and confirm that the person inside is in the thoughts and hearts of those on the outside.


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