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ICSolutions Phone Validation Steps, More Info….

Here are the steps to validate a phone number which must be done no later than December 27th in order to receive calls from Oregon prisons.


2. Once the page finishes loading, scroll up and click VALIDATE YOUR PHONE NUMBER

3. If you have already created an account, click LOG IN

4. Enter your USERNAME AND PASSWORD, then click LOG IN

5. If you have an account and your phone number is already validated, you do not need to continue with the instructions. If it is not validated, skip to step number 11 below.

6. If you do not have an account, click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT

7. Enter your desired username, 4-digit PIN and password twice on the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT page then click SIGN UP

8. Complete all the fields including your name, email address, phone number you wish to receive call on and the address that matches your credit/debit card or phone bill.

9. Optionally, check the box if you wish to register for visitation

10. Click SIGN UP

11. Once your account is created, click on WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO? From your account screen select VALIDATE PHONE NUMBER. This will open the VALIDATE A PHONE NUMBER popup.

12. Begin typing Oregon Department of Corrections in the Select Agency field and click on OREGON DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS—OR

13. After selecting OREGON DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS—OR enter the phone number you want to validate and click CONTINUE

14. You may need to complete some additional information, such as your birthdate. When you have entered any additional information requested, click UPDATE PROFILE

15. Enter your valid debit/credit card information and billing address then click VALIDATE CARD INFORMATION. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO USE THE CARD

16. Click SEND SMS or click CALL to choose the method you wish to receive your validation code. The confirmation code will be automatically sent to the phone number entered previously. This must be the number you are validating

17. To confirm your phone validation, enter the 6-digit code you received and click SUBMIT CONFIRMATION

18. If you do not choose to register for visitation, you may be required to enter additional data like your ethnicity, ID type and number and state and expiration date of ID. Click CONTINUE to enter the requested information

19. Enter the requested information and click SUBMIT INFORMATION

20. Once your validation has been competed, you will receive confirmation, click CLOSE

21. Your number is now validated and can receive calls from an AIC at ODOC

22. Once your number is validated and funded you can call 877.831.0390 to leave a voice mail for an AIC letting them know when you are available to receive calls. Voicemails cost 50 cents to leave.

This new communication system allows for you to add money to the AIC’s communications account, without depositing fees by mailing a personal/cashier’s checks 

or money orders to:Access Corrections 
Oregon DOC AIC Communication Payments 
PO Box 12486 
St. Louis, MO 63132
You can also place money on an AIC’s trust account through central trust. Once in the AIC’s account, the AIC can transfer it to the communication account without charge.  If you have any problems, you can call 888.506.8407 or email forest.l.ledbetter@doc.oregon gov for assistance.

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