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In Case You Missed It

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will release inmates to limit coronavirus threat in state prisons; about 100 meet criteria Updated Jun 12, 7:32 PM; Posted Jun 12, 2:29 PM “Given what we now know about the disease and its pervasiveness in our communities, it is appropriate to release individuals who face significant health challenges should they … Continue reading

Adults in custody with Oregon Corrections Enterprises create Prison Blues guitars on the inside.

Just to share something that is a little different from all the Covid-19 information we see every day.  This is from the Oregon State Penitentiary.

A podcast from San Quentin about lock down during COVID 19

– Podcast:   If you are not already listening to the Earhustle Podcast, Season 5, Episode 38 is about being in prison during a lockdown and being released during the coronavirus quarantine. Listen to it here or on your podcast app.

Prison Policy Initiative

New report, Reforms Without Results, lays out the case for including people convicted of violence in criminal justice reforms The report includes an interactive map showing where people convicted of violence have been “carved out” of recent criminal justice reform laws. April 7, 2020 As the threat of a COVID-19 disaster in U.S. prisons looms, … Continue reading

Oregon Justice Resource Center (OJRC) Surveys

We have been asked to share these surveys with our members here in Oregon.  We all have a common interest in what is happening regarding the Covid 19 virus and it’s impact on all our loved ones in prisons and jails. You can find a link to OJRC under ‘LINKS’ on our website at any … Continue reading

Prison employee is first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Oregon Department of Corrections

Prison employee is first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Oregon Department of Corrections By Noelle Crombie,   The Oregon Department of Corrections on Wednesday announced that an employee at the state penitentiary in Salem has tested positive for coronavirus. The agency said the person is the first in the prison system to test positive … Continue reading

Letter from United States Senators to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Following is the first paragraph of a letter from US Senators forwarded from National CURE.  Click on the link to read the entire letter. “We write to urge the Bureau of Prison(BOP) to waive fees associated with phone calls for incarcerated people and to allow for unsupervised phone calls or video conferencing and emails with … Continue reading

Public Service Videos from Oregon DOC

The Adult in Custody:   The Visitor:   While there are other videos in this ODOC series we suggest viewing these two.

Trade Your Prison Sentence for a Smartwatch?

Trade Your Prison Sentence for a Smartwatch? Another dubious get-out-early offer is spreading through federal prisons. Lawyers say it’s a fake. By Christie Thompson Last summer, Delores Wallace’s sister, who was serving a 3 ½-year sentence in federal prison, asked her to look into a company that was all the buzz on her cell block. … Continue reading

The Death Penalty is Unworthy of America

The death penalty is unworthy of America By Editorial Board of the Washington Post Jan. 1, 2020 at 5:14 p.m. EST The death penalty in the United States is in decline. It is less used, less popular and just as unnecessary as ever, according to a year-end report from the Death Penalty Information Center, which tracks death penalty numbers. … Continue reading