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A Terminally Ill, Wheelchair-Bound Inmate Applied for Compassionate Release.

A Terminally Ill, Wheelchair-Bound Inmate Applied for Compassionate Release. The Justice Department Argued He Wasn’t Dying Fast Enough To Qualify. The FIRST STEP Act gives dying inmates the opportunity to appeal to a judge for compassionate release. This case shows why. C.J. Ciaramella | 5.3.2019 2:00 PM When is a wheelchair-bound inmate with brain cancer … Continue reading

2019 Second Chance Month District Congressional Visits

2019 Second Chance Month District Congressional Visits Did you know that April is recognized as Second Chance Month? For the past two years, April has been recognized as Second Chance Month. During April, supporters raise awareness regarding the barriers that many people with a criminal record face every day. An estimated 70 million Americans have … Continue reading

The American Prison Writing Archive

The American Prison Writing Archive is the largest and first fully searchable digital archive of non-fiction essays by incarcerated people writing about their experience inside. To get your views of the prison system into the public sphere, write to request a permissions-questionnaire: The APWA. 198 College Hill Road, Clinton NY 13323. Those outside can visit … Continue reading

Pen America 2018 Winners

Pen America is an organization that supports people and their writings in America and worldwide.  Below you will find a link to their website where you can find the 2018 prison writing award winners for 2018. By typing in the search window “Prison Writing Award Winners: 2018” you can find two winners from Oregon … Continue reading

ACLU of Oregon Lobby Day in Salem, save the date. Your voice is powerful in Salem. Meet other ACLU supporters and help create an Oregon that treats all people fairly! Join us on Presidents Day at the state capital. Meet with your state legislators to advocate for issues like juvenile justice reform, privacy protections, and immigrant rights with the ACLU of Oregon. SAVE THE … Continue reading

Measure 11 Survey for Oregon Residents

S18110517430 Click on the number above to see the survey cover letter, click on the link below to take the survey.

Heated floors and pillow-top mattresses… in prison

Heated floors and pillow-top mattresses… in prison By Dan Lieberman and Claudia Morales, CNN Updated 3:45 PM ET, Fri June 22, 2018 (CNN)Heated floors, bike rides, and five-star cooking classes. Welcome to prison in Norway. It looks nothing like most prisons in the US. That’s because Norway’s prison system is designed with three core values … Continue reading

660 prosecutors committed misconduct. How many were disciplined?

Food for thought about the power of Prosecutors. The vast majority of prosecutors perform their duties in good faith with the aim to fulfill their constitutional and legal obligations. However, like the rest of us, they are susceptible to stress, biases, and mistakes. And some prosecutors deliberately break the law in their zeal to win convictions. … Continue reading

Would You Do “Execution Service”?

By Molly Fosco SourceShutterstock Why you should care Correctional officers shouldn’t bear the burden of the death penalty alone. Frank Thompson carefully strapped the prisoner’s wrists and ankles to the gurney, ensuring they would hold tight. But the death row inmate said the straps were hurting him. As Thompson loosened the buckles, the man looked … Continue reading

SB 2520 Please contact your senators and ask them to support this very important prison phone rate bill.